Frequintly Asked Questions

FAQ Do you use high quality cameras?
Yes, we use cameras that are high quality with crisp clean images. There are other companies that advertise 18 mega pixel cameras, but hey lets be honest here, yes, the camera may be capable of shooting at 18 mega pixels but when it is on the lowest setting (they do this so the print doesn't take 3-5 minutes to print) they are no longer shooting at 18 mega pixels. Do you really want a photo booth print that is 30"x 40" hanging on your wall? The answer is probably not but an 11x14 print (our booths are capable of printing these and larger) is more realistic.

Is the quality of the prints great?
We use fast, high quality dye sub printers in all of our booths. The prints are printed at 330 dpi on unbelievably tough paper. This is the same technology used by those huge printers you see in local one-hour photo labs. We have had drinks spilled on our prints, simply wipe it off and the print is like new.

Can I see the printer at my event?
You rented a photo booth right? Our printer is contained inside the booth along with all the electronic components. We realize other companies may put a printer on a table beside the booth, but that is not us!

Do you have a seat in your booth?
We do supply a bench inside our booth. The bench is not there to promote any kind of true posed photography, if anything we want it to help you be more spontaneous and let your creativity roll. The bench is completely moveable and can be adjusted to accommodate large groups or 2 people. Would your photo booth Book be complete with out those funny photos of grandma and grandpa (who cant stand long enough to take the photos)? That is where the seating comes in handy, and oh yeah did I mention the removable bench makes the booth handicap accessible?

How much room do you need for the booth?
Ideally, a 6'x 8' or 4'x6' space is great for the booth. Since our booths are completely adjustable in size we can make it larger or smaller depending on space requirements. We have even had the booth on a yacht out of Destin FL so yes, we can make it work for you!

How many people can fit in your booth?
We can fit 1-6 people comfortably in our booth. There are companies that claim it is not a real photo booth experience if you don't squeeze in for those shots of 4-5 people, why squeeze when you don't have to? Do you really care to find out who forgot deodorant on your big day? Besides what good is a booth when you can't fit a bride and all her brides maid in for those goofy photos? We have fit 25 guests and a dog in one photo and went right into taking the intimate photos of the bride and groom. Adjustability and choice is what we offer above the rest! Do you want one or 25? We can do that!

Can we customize the booth?
We can do any kind of customization you would like. Of course your prints will be customized for your event. Do you want a banner to hang out side the booth? We can do, and not with cheesy graphics purchased as a template. We have years of design experience and keep up with the trends of today! We can even customize the welcome screen so every guest will see your message with each visit to the booth.

Do you have a monitor on the outside of the booth?
No Hall Monitors here! Didn't we hate that in 6th grade? We don't supply a visual display of the shenniganings that go on inside the booth. We want everyone to be comfortable enough and feel private enough to let out the laughter and keep it to a classic photo booth style!

What color back drop do you use?
The standard background is black, we use black to make the people stand out (they are what you want photos of correct?). If you want a different color we can accommodate that as well. want more options? With the new green screen photo booth you can opt to have your guest stranded on a remote island if you wish! The green screen allows us to put any background behind your guest.

What makes you the best booth service?
Customer Service!!!!! We have all of the professional equipment to make great photos but lets be honest, anyone can build a box with a camera. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and responsiveness. We answer calls and email promptly. If you have a question please ask us!

What size print do I get out of the booth?
Our Photo strips are "2x6". We also offer 4x6, 5x7, or 6x8. We have custom created graphics only available with our booth rental no pre made templates for us! If you want completely custom we have the staff on hand to create your masterpiece.

What is the best place for my booth at my event?
Right in the middle of the action! We do like the booth to be placed in plain view with the most traffic, however if it is necessary for the booth to be paced in another area our attendants are trained to assist guests with knowing where the booth is located.

Do you charge extra to travel?
We don't charge any travel fees within our service area. If your event is outside of our service area, we charge a minimal travel fee.

How many copies of each photo strip are printed?
The booth produces 2 strips with 2 photos on each strip. Typically, one strip is given to the guest and one strip is placed into the scrapbook. Reprints cannot be given during the event, however all images are uploaded to an online gallery. We do offer the option of having double prints or unlimited prints or you can purchase the cd with all images from your event.

What color photo booths are available?
We offer an elegant black photo booth. The photo booth is unobtrusive and fits in with any event's decor.

What color backgrounds can I have?
Typically we use a black background as it shows up best in both black and white and color pictures, but if you want another color, we would be willing to do our best to fulfill your request.

Can I customize the photo strips with some text?
Absolutely. We even take it a step farther than just names and dates, we have professionally designed graphics to even farther customize your experience. We also offer logo design and complete customization of your graphics.

Do your photo strips print in black and white or color?
We can do either one, and there is no price difference.

How long does it take to setup?
It takes about 1 hour to setup. This time is not billable to you and is not deducted from whatever amount of hours you purchase from us.

Will an attendant be there to run the booth?
Yes, an appropriately dressed and mannered attendant will setup, run, and take down the photo booth for you. Our attendant remains with the booth the duration of the event and also provides scrapbook service. All you need to do is let us know when you want the photo booth to start and we'll take care of the rest.

Should I give the photo booth attendant a tip?
If you find that your photo booth attendant provides you with exceptional service and is working hard to help your guests then I would say they deserve a tip.

How much space do you need to setup your photo booth?
The photo booth itself requires a 4x6 or 6x8 foot area with about a 10-foot ceiling height and enough space to put a very small table next to it for your scrapbook.

Can you setup your photo booth outside?
Yes. If you have a tent for your event the booth may be placed under your main tent. If it is necessary for the booth to be outside the tent, the booth will require a 12x12 tent or we have a tent that we rent.

Do you provide props?
We do, if requested. However since it's difficult to control everything during a party or wedding reception, our props are routinely destroyed or taken, so we do charge a small fee to rent them.

Do you charge extra to travel?
We don't charge any travel fees within our service area. If your event is outside of our service area, we charge a minimal travel fee.

Can I provide my own props?
Yes! Besides, we may even get a great idea from you!